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Henschke Archer's Vineyard Chardonnay


This Henschke cool climate chardonnay out of The Adelaide Hills is made in the newer style with less oak, and a little more fruit coming through on the palate; a highly recommended wine. Stunning, fragrant aromas of melon, grapefruit and white peach will be your first impressions in the glass, while delicate notes of pear skin and clove are complemented by subtle hints of vanilla and cashew. The juicy citrus and melon palate is richly textured, forming a creamy, luscious mouthfeel, building in complexity to a rich and lingering finish. Recommended pairings include: braised pork with udon noodles and a black vinaigrette dressing, or seafood: sea scallops or crab meat cooked your favourite way!


Please note we only have one (1) bottle in stock until further notice...10/08/2022

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